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Born from eucalyptus, designed for everyday life UYN ECOLYPT is the shoe born from our continuous research towards sustainable and performing materials. The inner part of the upper is made through the use of fiber ECOLYPT obtained from the wood of eucalyptus. Thanks to the use of this 100% sustainable yarn, the shoe is stretchy and durable, as well as extremely breathable and comfortable. In the upper part, the 3D REVERSE RIBS follow the movement of the foot without creating ripples in the fabric. Thanks to the innovative REBOUND SHIELD internal structure, UYN ECOLYPT is an extremely flexible shoe but also able to provide the perfect support in every movement. The CELL COMB sole is made of an ultra-light material capable of providing perfect cushioning.





The wood obtained from Eucalyptus trees becomes ECOLYPT, a 100% sustainable natural fiber with exceptional properties. The characteristics of the pulp of the wood from which it is obtained give ECOLYPT strength and great elasticity. Its structure is composed of very small hydrophilic fibers that absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. In addition, the fiber is highly breathable, minimizes the formation of odors and thanks to its temperature regulating properties is able to provide a cooling effect in hot temperatures and warm in cold days. The entire production process of ECOLYPT fiber is characterized by a closed loop: all water and enzymes are recovered and reused in a further production process.


REBOUND SHIELD is the innovative patent solution created by UYN designers to make our shoes even more performing. A special internal structure integrated into the footwear that provides the perfect connection between the upper and the sole and ensures extraordinary properties in terms of lightness and flexibility. With the features of REBOUND SHIELD, UYN shoes become 20% lighter and 20% more elastic, elements that ensure perfect walking support and great responsiveness at every step. The strategic position of the REBOUND SHIELD ensures an additional waterproof layer in the areas most exposed to external moisture without compromising the breathability of the shoe.


Hemp fabric is made using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa, a plant that has been recognized as a source of extraordinary durable textile fibers for thousands of years. We chose this natural fabric to make the insole of your UYN shoes. Hemp is the most durable natural textile and highly resistant to pilling. At the same time it provides excellent ventilation, moisture absorption and a bacteriostatic effect. Hemp insole cools your feet in summer and keeps the skin dry.


A lightweight foam specifically engineered for performance shoes. Perfectly comfortable, it has a light insert inside for a highly responsive cushioning. Whether you’re walking, running or just going to work – this shoe has you covered. Shock absorption that doesn‘t slow you down. When you touch the ground with your heel the HOOF HEEL elements cushion the vertical forces by spreading horizontally. This ensures a soft landing and start getting you ready to move forward. Thanks to the innovative and clever design the HOOF HEEL elements, cushioning is achieved through the shape and not only through the material.
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